`90 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Luxurious On and Off-Road Performance!

January 6th, 2020

I recently appraised this 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. It’s a direct descendent of the 1963 Wagoneer, which ushered in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) concept that’s become so popular with today’s motoring public. By 1984, the Wagoneer had evolved into the Grand Wagoneer, a luxurious but still rugged model with every conceivable standard power and convenience feature save for an optional sunroof. My clients’ well-preserved example is from the next-to-last year of production. Rumor has it that Fiat/Chrysler (FCA Group) will introduce a new Grand Wagoneer SUV during the 2021 model year some 30 years after the final `91 Grand Wagoneer rolled out of the Toledo, Ohio assembly plant. Stay tuned!