We offer a variety of vehicle appraisal services to meet all of your needs, which can help protect your valuable investment!

With over 21 years experience as a certified vehicle appraiser, and given his extensive background in the collector car hobby and as an insurance claims professional, Jack Anderson has the qualifications and expertise needed to help protect what you have invested in your vehicle or to recover any lost value as the result of an accident or other incident. Here are the services that we offer and their respective pricing and fees.

Standard Vehicle Valuation Appraisals

Starting at $225 – call for quotation*

A standard vehicle valuation appraisal provides an actual cash value of the vehicle supported by current documented market pricing, where available. We assess and evaluate the four major vehicle areas/sections (engine compartment, chassis/undercarriage, interior and trunk, and exterior), use photographs to document the condition, level of detailing, and quality of the restoration or modifications/customizations of the vehicle, and collect any information from the owner that could affect the vehicle’s value, including equipment, features, and options. Lastly, we summarize our findings and rate the vehicle using an industry-accepted condition scale established by the Old Cars Report Price Guide (OCRPG) of from “1” for “Excellent” to “6” for “Parts Car.”

We then research the Internet, auction house websites, “For Sale” publications in print and online, the OCRPG, the NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide & Directory, the Hagerty Insurance online vehicle valuation tool, and other resources, and then consult, as necessary, with subject matter experts to establish the current value of the vehicle. Our formal appraisal report typically runs 10-13 pages and is accepted by insurance companies, banks, credit unions, the courts, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Pre-Purchase Appraisals

Starting at $450 – call for quotation*

A pre-purchase appraisal incorporates all of the assessment and evaluation services of a standard appraisal PLUS use of a refrigerator magnet on the exterior body panels to check for excess body filler, an operability check of the lights, signals/flashers, wipers, horn, power accessories (e.g., windows, seats, locks), switchgear, audio system, heater/defroster/air conditioner, and other components, AND a drive test (although a safety and a mechanical evaluation are not included). The scope and depth of this inspection is based, in part, on the information requested by the potential purchaser/client. Immediately after completing the onsite inspection of the vehicle, we call the client, provide a fresh debrief on the findings and observations, and then email all photographs taken, which can be as many as 175-180 images. Our final pre-purchase report typically runs 18-21 pages and incorporates the current appraised value and condition rating, all of the findings, and a select number of photographs.

Diminished Value/Lemon Law/Fraud

Starting at $325 – call for quotation*

A diminished value appraisal establishes the amount of value that a vehicle may have lost due to an accident, substandard restoration, Lemon Law issues, fraud, etc. These may be performed in cooperation with an insurance company or an attorney. Our reports typically run 8-12 pages and document the nature and extent of the damage, including whether such damage involved the steering system, front or rear suspension components, main body structure, and/or air bags, and required time on a frame/unibody machine. We then evaluate and photographically document the repairs made and whether they are visibly evident, research the current market value for such a vehicle without such damage, and then determine the actual amount of diminished value sustained.

Forensic, Pre-Accident, and Insurance “Appraisal Clause”

$85/hour with a minimum of 5 hours plus expenses – call for quotation*

A “forensic” appraisal is typically necessary in the following instances:

  1. A vehicle is no longer available for examination because it was stolen and has not been recovered;
  2. A vehicle has been totally destroyed by fire;
  3. A vehicle was stolen and has been recovered, but it has been significantly stripped, damaged, vandalized or parted out; and
  4. A vehicle has been misrepresented as part of an online, Internet, out-of-state and/or overseas sales transaction.

As part of a “forensic” appraisal, facts and information are gathered, including photographs, documentation and/or personal statements evidencing the vehicle’s condition and any significant restoration, modifications, customization or upgrades that were performed. Armed with these facts and information, we consult various sources to identify potential comparable vehicle sales and/or valuation data in order to arrive at a pre-loss actual cash value. Our reports are typically 8-10 pages.

Pre-accident and insurance policy “appraisal clause” appraisals similarly seek any and all available information and documentation, including photographs, receipts and invoices, in order to determine the condition of the vehicle before it was damaged or determined to be a total loss by an insurance company. We also speak with the vehicle owner to obtain further information as well as his/his opinion regarding the exterior and interior condition. Our reports are typically 8-10 pages.

*TRAVEL: Mileage is free for the first 20 miles round trip and billed at the current GSA mileage rate above that number. Parking, tolls, etc. are additional. Motels, meals, and other related overnight expenses are billed at actual cost, but approved in advance by the client before being incurred.

**COURT AND DEPOSITION APPEARANCES, AND LITIGATION PLEADINGS FEE SCHEDULE: Court and deposition appearances are charged at $250/hour for the first two hours, with a two-hour minimum. Subsequent time spent in court or at a deposition is charged at $200/hour. The charges begin at the appointed hour when we are requested to appear and continue until our appearance has concluded. A cancellation fee of $400 is charged for a cancellation notice on the day of the scheduled appearance or when cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appearance, and $300 for a cancellation notice of more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours. A cancellation notice of more than 48 hours will result in no charge. If we are asked to prepare answers to interrogatories and/or supply any documents or materials in connection with litigation and in advance of any deposition and/or court appearance, our fee is $85/hour.

Speaking Engagements

Customized presentations are generally free of charge and available on a variety of topics, including insurance, appraisals, classic cars, automotive history, etc. Depending on the distance driven and any other travel-related costs (e.g., tolls), we may ask for mileage or other expenses to be reimbursed. These will be identified and negotiated in advance of booking an event. Contact us to discuss a presentation for your car club, business, or civic or other organization.