“Jack was very professional and had knowledge of my vehicle’s options and accessories. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for an appraisal.”

– Jerry Robinson, Maryland.

“Jack was excellent to do business with. He quickly and accurately assessed the value of my Skyline, and for a good price compared to other appraisal services.”

– Garret Fishman, Maryland.

“Jack is very knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. He patiently takes the time to answer any questions and goes out of his way to make sure you understand his responses. The report I received on my vehicle was very detailed and included descriptions of the interior, undercarriage, engine space, trunk, and overall condition/appearance. The report included photos to support the narrative. I HIGHLY recommend this company!”

– Ed Lucas, Maryland.

“If I can say one thing about Jack Anderson and his appraisal of my Chevelle, it would be professional! I actually know now some things I can do to improve my car thanks to Jack. He went over the car thoroughly and asked me key questions to help determine my car’s value. It was a pleasure to do business with him and I look forward to seeing him at future events. Thanks, Jack Anderson!!”

– Paul Aveni, New Jersey.

“I called Jack for a relatively quick turn appraisal, and was very impressed with his professionalism and responsiveness at a good price. The report he provided exceeded my expectations and I wholeheartedly will recommend him to other serious car guys. Thanks, Jack!”

– Kris Kasperek, Maryland.

“My 2018 Chevrolet Colorado received extensive damage when I was hit in the rear by another larger truck. The repairs to my truck were excellent in all respects. However, the value of the vehicle is now diminshed. The accident and subsequent repairs will always follow this truck and will substantially reduce the selling or trade in price. Mr. Anderson promptly inspected my vehicle at my location and prepared an extremely detailed Diminished Value Report which was positively accepted by the insurance company. I immediately received a very satisfactory settlement check. I highly recommend him.”

– Philip Hack, Maryland.

“Do not hesitate to hire Jack Anderson/Auto Appraisals MD if you’re looking for a vehicle appraisal. His experience and credentials are impeccable. He’s very personable, thorough and very professional. He will take the time to explain the entire process. He will complete an extensive evaluation of all aspects of your vehicle. He will research the market to determine an accurate value and he will develop an extensive report that explains every aspect of the vehicle. The entire process completely exceeded my expectations. You will not be disappointed!”

– Keith A, Albuquerque, NM.

“Excellent experience. Polite, knowledgeable, excellent detailed report with well over 100 pictures. I would absolutely use Mr. Anderson again.”

– David N, North Carolina.

“Professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. Jack took his time to explain to me what he was doing. I was very pleased with the service and look forward to future encounters.”

– Paul A, Maryland.

“Jack is the best! He helped me get a perfect auto appraisal across the country. Really felt like someone I could trust!”

– Tyler Ellis, California.

“Jack was very accommodating and thorough in his assessment of the vehicle I was looking into. His reports were extremely detailed and self explanatory for me. I would suggest his services for any serious car buying experience you may be searching for before you spend your money!!”

– Craig Dumas, Michigan

“I took my car to Jack after an accident to settle a diminished value claim with the insurance company. Jack was very courteous and professional, taking the time to explain the entire process. During the appraisal, he explained in detail everything that he found. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone needing a vehicle appraisal.”

– Tom Streib

“Beginning with my first contact with Jack, I could tell I was in good hands for the pre purchase inspection and appraisal of the vehicle we were looking to purchase. He took the preliminary information and pictures we provided him and started to frame his appraisal days before inspecting the vehicle. He did not object to having us present while he did his inspection and even welcomed us to be present. He explained the inspection as he went along and pointed out the very critical areas to look at as in numbers matching, VIN stamps on body, and date codes on engine and transmission components. He was very thorough and we were given a very comprehensive report complete with photos. Certainly use his service again or recommend his services to anyone.”

– Dan Boutin

“From the moment I engaged Mr. Anderson on the phone when making the appraisal appointment, I knew I was dealing with a consummate professional. He was able to navigate the appraisal in less than ideal garage conditions and did so with utmost courtesy and attention to detail. The consultation was informative and a thorough report was delivered very quickly. A+ for Jack Anderson and Auto Appraisals MD!!”

– Keith Parker

“I found Maryland Auto Appraisal, and Jack Anderson, through a google search for auto appraisers. I needed an appraisal for an estate filing. Jack responded the same day and gave me a very reasonable quote (cheaper than everyone else) and could see me promptly. I emailed three other places as well and two of them didn’t even respond. At our appointment, Jack explained everything he was going to do and why he was doing it. He went through the car meticulously. He was thorough and documented everything he saw. He explained what he was looking for/at and why. He was super easy to work with. The report provided by Jack was just as thorough. Although I did not need half the detail he provided, which I let him know a few times, he still provided it. His final report was 10 pages. There is no way to be disappointed in this. One final note, the service, attitude, and personality Jack brings to the table is unmatched by any of the competitors. As I stated above, two of his competitors didn’t even bother responding. Jack answered on a Saturday afternoon. He provided more service, better service, and affordable service. I can’t imagine why you would go with anyone else.”

– Hansi Wei

“Very pleased with the appraisal of my 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Mr. Anderson gave me far more useful information than I expected and many helpful suggestions. Very informative and he knew more about my vehicle’s history than I did! He provided his report promptly. Very fair price for his time and attention to detail.”

– Mary Reese

“Jack’s patience in answering my questions was much appreciated. His knowledge goes beyond the limits…”

– Ben

“Brilliant/beautiful expert valuation reports, really tell the story, great use of photos, great comps! You are a first class expert, your work is super thoughtful, fast and thorough!.”

– Fabrice Vincent, San Francisco, CA.

“Mr. Jack Anderson’s impartial appraisal evaluation of our 1940 antique automobile was performed with superior skillful attention to fine detail, and done with the highest proficiency, evidencing his in-depth automotive knowledge base and experience. With high regard, we are most grateful for this gentleman’s excellent, professional service. On a scale of one (low) to ten (highest), we rate his appraisal service to us with a glowing TEN! We are telling all of our antique car friends of Mr. Anderson’s appraisal service.”

– Vincent and Carolyn Perticone, Taneytown, MD.

“I am really pleased with Jack’s evaluation of my car. He is professional, easy to engage in discussion and pays extraordinary attention to detail. I highly recommend.”

– Geoff Charron

“Very thorough inspection, also very fair and honest, He found flaws I didn’t know about and I’ve owned the 20 years!! I would recommend Jack for this service if you want an honest and frank review.”

– Cynthia Sparacio

“Great person, very knowledgeable would highly recommend his services.”

– Jeff Hudson

“Jack came out to appraise my M3 for insurance purposes. He was very professional, communicated well about scheduling, arrived on time, and took the time to listen to and note any modifications I made to the vehicle. He also put in the time to conduct appropriate market research in order to assess a fair value of my vehicle. Very highly recommended!”

– John Pavel

“Great company. Great to do business with. Fast, efficient, and accurate.”

– Erin Brown

“Jack Anderson is a wealth of vehicle value knowledge. He is always timely, thorough, professional and fair. He comes with highest recommendation.”

– Dan Cook

“Very professional and thorough! I was able to get an appraisal on a car I was purchasing sight unseen. The appraisal was accurate to the condition the vehicle was in. Very happy to work with Jack!”

– Krystin Bogan

“We have had more than one great experience with Jack Anderson appraising our classic cars. He is thorough in his evaluations and provided detailed reports with pictures.”

– Dottie Bolyard

“Jack is very thorough and detailed in his reports and definitely a great value!”

– Rich Simpkins

“It was a pleasure working with Jack. He was thorough, attentive and professional. He took time to explain all of his findings which helped me immensely to understand the intricacies of maintaining and pricing older cars. Many thanks, Jack. I highly recommend you.”

– Brian Darling

“Very thorough, professional, and provided a detailed report with lots of photos. I was able to get a comprehensive report from Jack, when purchasing a ‘72 Cuda sight unseen.”

– Krystin Bogan

“I commissioned Jack to carry out a survey of a 1970 Firebird. Jack called me prior to the survey to find out what attributes I was looking for in my ideal vehicle, and establish my priorities and preferences.

Jack made all arrangements with the vendor regarding dates and times for the survey. He followed up immediately after the survey with lengthy and detailed phone call. This was followed by the report, which ran to several pages long and included technical details and photographs.

The information was very thorough.

Jack was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”

– Althea De Ste Croix

” recently used the services of Jack. I was very very pleased as he was very attentive and extremely responsive. Thanks Jack !!!”

– Harry Enea

“Jack Anderson, Certified Vehicle Appraiser, Auto Appraisals MD, LLC was outstanding. He arrived researched and prepared. He had a plan which was very comprehensive. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. His appraisal was accurate and reliable. And the cost was very fair.”

– Nicholas Prevas

Jack is a up front person and let’s you know right up front about the car he is doing. I recommend him to anyone looking to know the truth about there car.

– John Thomas