“Brilliant/beautiful expert valuation reports, really tell the story, great use of photos, great comps! You are a first class expert, your work is super thoughtful, fast and thorough!.”

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“Mr. Jack Anderson’s impartial appraisal evaluation of our 1940 antique automobile was performed with superior skillful attention to fine detail, and done with the highest proficiency, evidencing his in-depth automotive knowledge base and experience. With high regard, we are most grateful for this gentleman’s excellent, professional service. On a scale of one (low) to ten (highest), we rate his appraisal service to us with a glowing TEN! We are telling all of our antique car friends of Mr. Anderson’s appraisal service.”

– Vincent and Carolyn Perticone, Taneytown, MD.

“I am really pleased with Jack's evaluation of my car. He is professional, easy to engage in discussion and pays extraordinary attention to detail. I highly recommend.”

– Geoff Charron

“Very thorough inspection, also very fair and honest, He found flaws I didn’t know about and I’ve owned the 20 years!! I would recommend Jack for this service if you want an honest and frank review.”

– Cynthia Sparacio

“Great person, very knowledgeable would highly recommend his services.”

– Jeff Hudson

“Jack came out to appraise my M3 for insurance purposes. He was very professional, communicated well about scheduling, arrived on time, and took the time to listen to and note any modifications I made to the vehicle. He also put in the time to conduct appropriate market research in order to assess a fair value of my vehicle. Very highly recommended!”

– John Pavel

“Great company. Great to do business with. Fast, efficient, and accurate.”

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– Dottie Bolyard

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– Krystin Bogan

“I commissioned Jack to carry out a survey of a 1970 Firebird. Jack called me prior to the survey to find out what attributes I was looking for in my ideal vehicle, and establish my priorities and preferences.

Jack made all arrangements with the vendor regarding dates and times for the survey. He followed up immediately after the survey with lengthy and detailed phone call. This was followed by the report, which ran to several pages long and included technical details and photographs.

The information was very thorough.

Jack was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”

– Althea De Ste Croix

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Jack is a up front person and let’s you know right up front about the car he is doing. I recommend him to anyone looking to know the truth about there car.

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